Tools To Help Children Be Mindful

1 Breath At A Time

Tools To Help Children Be Mindful

1 Breath At A Time

What It’s Like To Be A Kid These Days

Being a child today is increasingly more complicated and pressurized than it has ever been before. Children need tools to help them be more present and in the moment. Our breathing bracelets provide simple ways to keep kids mindful and calm.


Of American children experience stress-related health problems.

6.1 Million

Kids age 3-17 have received an ADHD diagnosis.


Of youth in the juvenile justice system have a diagnosed mental illness.

1 in 6

U.S. youth aged 6-17 experience a mental health disorder
each year.

Source: American Psychological Association & CDC

Products To Help Kids De-stress, Calm Down & Breathe

Designed by an early childhood education expert through years of hands-on experience with young children, the 1 Breath At A Time product line is fun, easy to use and provides kids with a simple way to become more mindful – a strategy that can follow them throughout their entire life.

Cindy brought her beautiful light into our home during the pandemic. She helped our two girls find a love for yoga, breathing and meditation. She is an outstanding teacher that has had a huge influence in my kids’ lives. Cindy is super creative and understands what it takes to help children find enjoyment in yoga and breathing.

Shari R.

To know Miss Cindy is to love her. The attentiveness and encouragement she displays towards each one of her students is remarkable. Her mindfulness practice is fun and extremely kid-friendly. The kids were enthralled with her breathing bottle. It relaxed them and created a deep awareness of emotions. Miss Cindy is an expert in teaching children how to access the power of their breath, and the techniques with which to self soothe. She uses creative strategies in her meditation sessions, such as animal sounds and breaths

Marcia M., Your Content Goes Here

Helping Children Find Their Center, 1 Breath At A Time.